“Redefining American Beauty”


No one is more awed and humbled by David Kibbe’s life than David himself.

Although David Kibbe is famous as The Beauty Guru” (TV Guide) who upended the beauty industry with his Head–To–Toe Metamorphosis – the scope of his skills and talents extend far beyond beauty.

A consummate artist, celebrated author, media star, critically acclaimed performer, style avatar and trendsetter, master of color, as well as a savvy businessman, his greatest accomplishment and contribution may well be raising consciousness — bringing down ideas that have never been seen before and gently pushing people forward. He introduced self-love – and love itself – into the beauty/fashion industry which, before David, had been primarily focused on people’s fears and fixing their perceived flaws.

As David said,

People don’t have flaws – only unique characteristics!

Short, tall, straight, curvy – whatever your features, coloring, or ethnicity – David conceived and gave birth to the previously unheard-of concept of valuing, accepting, celebrating – as well as emphasizing  those characteristics instead of trying to conceal them to fit into some arbitrary standard of beauty.

Raised in a small town in Missouri, David was a child prodigy who at the age of three could read music before he could read. He grew into an award-winning young classical pianist. His future path seemed clear. However, after deep soul-searching, he discovered he wanted to connect  with people and, to his surprise, had a deep driving need to help  them. Therefore, the cloistered isolated life of the concert pianist that everyone assumed was his destiny, he chose to leave behind – much to his own surprise again – as well as everyone else’s.

After proving himself as a star actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, director, musical director, designer, and visual artist, he left college early to pursue his “fame and fortune” in New York City, while every day carrying his tap shoes in his backpack — “just in case.”

Though he had a passionate purpose and a vivid imagination, life surprised him one more time with an uncharted winding road he never could have imagined. His unexpected path included true love — which being fiercely dedicated to his art, was certainly never in his life plan!

While interning with a famous casting director, David began formulating the awareness that the most talented people were not necessarily the ones who scored the jobs.

He kept observing it was the ones that had some kind of visual focus who were booking. 

In a flash, the precise training and foundation of his classical music and fine art background flooded him – and a lightbulb went on!

He had to create a rock-solid System and technique to identify and execute each person’s unique Visually Focused  identity and self-expression. But one that went much deeper than “a look”!

And with his relentless work ethic and fireball energy intact, he set about doing just that. The unexpected results astonished him and brought David Kibbe and his revolutionary theories to the world…

In short order, he became the Northeast Regional Director as one of the early pioneering members of the Color-Me-Beautiful movement — as well as being a prominent contributor to the book Color For Men.

As an entrepreneur, he built his own business, one client at a time, while developing and evolving his own style and color theories — and to date has executed, in person, over 30,000 Head–To–Toe Transformations on clients from every corner of the globe.

And in lightning speed, with the ebullient spirit and wit of a born entertainer, he became a media star.

David Kibbe has appeared on over 200 international TV and radio shows including: Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Sally Jessy Raphael, CNN, PBS, and a regular stint as a Guest Host on Boston AM – as well as most every other morning show in the country.

In print, David has been the subject of countless featured articles — as well as The Beauty/Style expert regularly quoted — in most every major publication including: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The London Times, USA Today, People, TV Guide, Allure, Bazaar, Glamour, Town & Country, Cosmopolitan, Ladies’ Home Journal, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and Woman’s Day. 

He also was the Beauty Editor for the syndicated Sunday magazine Romance Today of Parade magazine.

David created what had never before existed:

“The Head–To–Toe Makeover”

Before David Kibbe, a “makeover” meant you went to the cosmetics counter to get face painted with the ever-changing seasons’ colors. However, what David gave birth to was brand new and revolutionary.

It was built on his visionary  —

Image Identity System™

—  which was born in that lightbulb moment.

David created a new System of Thought  which identified and defined the physical and essence attributes of all human beings.

Rejecting the subjective whims and rigid stereotypes that forced women into boxes that denied their unique beauty, David’s brilliance was that he turned his expansive philosophy and fine artists’ technique into creating an actual System.

The system he created was a practical technique for achieving a Head-To-Toe Transformation  that captures the magical uniqueness of the individual.

The whole concept of a System even existing was the beginning of David’s now legendary work.

He worked diligently with clients and kept refining his innovative System – with his original ten archetypes.

He kept refining and re-refining his system, and worked to accurately  focus his clients’ unique characteristics – getting up at 6 AM every day, often in his office till midnight –– when two seminal events changed the course of David Kibbe’s life.

Leaving his house at 4 AM one dark morning, knowing his life was on the line, David summoned up every ounce of courage he had to debut his cutting-edge Image Identity System™ on The Today Show LIVE in front of millions of people.

Once on air, confident and cool as a cucumber, David introduced to America his work on three women, while spontaneously chatting and deftly demonstrating their “before” process tapes.

Then, with a flourish, he “revealed” the stunning Metamorphosis he’d done on them — launching the BEFORE/AFTER TV format as well — as he unveiled them for all the world to see in all of their Head–To–Toe Glory!

The phones never stopped ringing.

Then one spring afternoon, David pulled off a Herculean feat wearing many hats off and on air. He masterfully helmed the Sally Jessy Raphael show on National TV for one hour with a LIVE studio audience. With great élan, he introduced to the world, his grand reveal – this time – 12(!) exciting Head–To–Toe Transformations, with a 13th woman being transformed before our eyes – on a timer – as the hour progressed!

A far cry from her generic “before” photo seen seconds ago, each woman stepped out, took a long walk forward and Emerged – breathtakingly beautiful, remarkably visually focused, and most important — confidently–

Amid gasps, jaw-dropping, whooping and hollering –– the audience went WILD!! 

Both these national television shows were sensational revelations. Like wondrous comets flashing across the sky, no one had ever witnessed anything like these two events before. 

The critics raved “The Master!” (People Magazine), “Not a Makeover…a METAMORPHOSIS!” (The Today Show), “The Makeover Dreams Are Made Of!” (CBS This Morning), “Want A New You? … Find David Kibbe!” (The New York Times) and David Kibbe subsequently became The Source for beauty, personal image, and style.

It became clear that David was “called” to his much-needed original work. Women were crying out to see themselves in this new authentic loving light.

David wrote the best-selling book

David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis

“A Comprehensive Formula
– Appealing, Reassuring, and Upbeat –
That Champions Individuality”

It became “The Bible” and laid the foundation for the vibrant International Social Media Style and Color Communities that exists today — where millions of people clamor to find out “What’s my Kibbegory’ ??”

Long before the media barrage of television shows, print coverage, and internet blogs promoting an entire culture based on “Before/After”, “The Reveal,” or what is now called “Makeover,” there was — David Kibbe.

Before a field even existed to spawn today’s celebrity stylists, image consultants, and personal shoppers, there was  — David Kibbe. David Kibbe was the innovator, as well as the pioneer.

He spawned an entire new culture.

Since 1982 when David as a “boy wonder” catapulted to fame, his vast array of clients travel to him from all over the world, from every walk of life. From the worlds of entertainment, politics, sports, professionals, housewives, etc., women – as well as men – have had their physical image dazzlingly defined with visual focus by David Kibbe.

The result of his wizardry also unleashes people’s true spirit which gives them a passport to immeasurable new opportunities in their lives and the realization of their dreams. This is what his clients call “Magic!”.

David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis™ clientele – from celebrities to the average person – branched out to include many of the major corporations in America including: Revlon, Estée Lauder, Avon, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Charles Jourdan, Bloomingdale’s, JCPenney, Coppertone, Ballantine Books, MacMillan, Little Brown, Chase, and Citibank.

David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis™ also expanded to include interior as well as exterior, design. David designed commercial buildings, resorts, homes, and apartments for his private clients in the U.S., as well as Europe and Japan.

Anchored from his famed 57th Street atelier in Manhattan – this is the hub where David Kibbe’s influence on today’s culture was amplified. Here he trained hair colorists, hairstylists, and makeup artists from all over the world in his Kibbe Color technique and his precise, original ten archetype Image Identity System™.

It is also where he developed his revolutionary makeup philosophy and created his inspired DK Couture Cosmetics™ makeup line — the ingenious custom-colored System of finely crafted makeup that David designed to effortlessly coordinate with every piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe.

In his luxurious 57th Street all marble establishment, with his blossoming 22 person staff in tow, he also conceived and executed the idea that under one roof, people could come to be educated about their potential in his One–Of–A–Kind Workshops – and then transformed in one day!

Reminiscent of an Old Hollywood Studio which housed workshops and classes, it also had a makeup center where his design for each client was realized with his custom Makeup Wardrobe™, a day spa for healing beautiful skin, a hair salon where his staff executed his personalized color and style designs, and even a boutique where exquisite clothes and accessories were available. 

Here, David Kibbe gave clients the opportunity to undergo their dream Metamorphosis.

One waiting spouse observed and marveled,

You turn average women into movie stars!

With the eyes of a master artist, the skill of a scientist, the soul of a visionary, the intuitive gift of a healer — but above all, a loving heart, and his renowned gift of empathy David truly sees and feels  the unique beauty in each and every human being.

David is a metaphysician by nature. As an astrologer once told him, “Some people study metaphysics — you ARE metaphysics!”

With this broad perspective of his innate metaphysical approach, his deep sensitivity, and his Old Hollywood bent, David uses his proprietary Image Identity System™ and his legendary eye for color as his solid foundation. Then David goes far beyond  fashion.

David Kibbe’s innovative work is about the marriage between that one and only Outer — as well as Inner person.

David passionately believes and says,

Beauty comes from Individuality
Style evolves from Identity.

Now through Social Media continuing the movement, David’s impact is more far-reaching than ever. With hundreds of “Kibbe Sites in countless countries all over the world, he gives inspiration, hope, and unheard-of, groundbreaking beauty, and image guidance to millions of people every day who dream of having Kibbe Style and the day when they can go to “Kibbe” themselves!

David teases, cajoles, and playfully entertains his audience. Funny, beyond silly when needed, with nonstop original humor, he jokes,

When opportunity knocks, you can’t answer the door
if you ‘don’t
have anything to wear’!

Yet teaching “It’s not about ‘a LOOK’ — but a life!” is David Kibbe’s impassioned mission.

His beautiful message is that we are each of priceless value and importance. That, along with the concrete tools he gives to uncover our own unique beauty, has touched heartstrings and unlocked possibilities for millions.

And millions are responding with gratitude as this recent post crystallizes:

A huge thanks from a small girl, from a small country – Georgia. (Formerly the Soviet Union)
Your voice is heard everywhere.♥

Now in the next evolution of his work — which is an even more expanded personalized program — David Kibbe clients travel from every corner of the world to partake privately or in small groups in the One-Of-A-Kind:

The David Kibbe Experience

Clients leave exhilarated — proudly proclaiming they have been “Kibbeized!!

Also, cutting through diverse backgrounds, those that travel in groups — people of all ages, ethnicities, and social strata — who go through their own Metamorphosis together, often become lifelong friends.

This affirms David’s belief and unifying teaching of the Oneness of us all.

As each person discovers their own beauty, they automatically go on to share it with the world — thereby uplifting everyone.

New participants trumpet that David Kibbe’s work is “The Gift That Keeps On Giving!” — but a recent recipient summed up the sentiment of his devoted clientele,

I was BLOWN AWAY! … Getting the opportunity to work with David, personally, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience – that changed my life forever.

The path-cutting David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis phenomenon has given millions the System and technique to go forth in the world and tell their story as only they can. Ironically David prefers not to use the term “makeover.” He says definitively,

People do not need to be made over!  We are already who we are meant to be. I don’t believe in ‘makeovers’ — I believe in transformation. My job is to help people discover their full potential and then send them on their path…

Currently, David continues to vibrantly shine himself and with his own dynamic signature style and colors is an inspiration and influencer to many international designers.

He also makes TV, film and other theatrical appearances all over the world.

David lives in New York City with his wife and soulmate the glamorous actress Susan Slavin — (as well as the ghosts of their two King Charles Spaniels, Bliss and Passion!) As influencers, their iconic personal style sets trends and is captured in photographs worldwide.

In addition to his global Metamorphosis work, David and Susan have a Film and TV production company. There, they use all of their diverse skills to create projects that not only entertain, but inspire and enlighten.

The amazing uncharted road of David Kibbe’s life has brought him unimagined accomplishments, inspired innovation, and an illustrious career — as well as love and the wisdom of experience.

As part of the vernacular – synonymous with great style – “Kibbe”  has become a noun, a verb, an adjective, and an adverb!

Yet being a path-cutter, David has also faced more than his share of adversity. But through deep faith, gratitude, and a higher purpose, he always finds his strength and transcends limiting circumstances.

With passionate dedication and curiosity, and a wide-open heart and mind, he treats every new day as an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand his art and work.

With great excitement, he says he thinks of his life  itself as its own “ever-evolving Metamorphosis!”  He also dearly believes we all have the opportunity to

Surrender to the Sublime

And the pure yearning of that small town boy to connect  and help  people is realized daily as he generously shares his gifts with everyone he touches.

One of David’s favorite quotes, the origin of which is attributed to George Bernard Shaw,

Some men see things that are and ask ‘why?’ . . . I dream things that never were and ask ‘why not ‘ ?

… is the basis of his life and work.

David Kibbe’s trailblazing, forward-thinking Vision will always create “things that never were” — that light up the world and move us all forward into unlimited possibilities.

That Vision, along with his vast experience, have now made —

David Kibbe a Style Avatar of the Millennium.

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